Zapier and Airtable Integrations: welcome to your new favourite combo.

  • Customer communication — by connecting your Airtable databases with communication-oriented Zaps, you can automate the customisation of your outgoing customer communication. Need to keep customers up to date when their order leaves the warehouse? Tell Zapier to keep an eye on the order fulfilment field of your order database, and let it trigger an automated, customised fulfilment email when a new order is dispatched.
  • Incoming application management — in a field where applications run rife? If you’re managing properties, in recruitment, or simply looking to fill a new position, tracking the status of new and continuing applications becomes easy work with Airtable-Zapier integrations. Set Zapier up to trigger actions such as welcome emails, requests for further information, or to alert applicants to changes in their applicant status, all without touching a single key.
  • Dynamic editorial calendars — if content publication and management plays a role in any part of your business, you’ll know how easy it is to get lost in a sea of words, images and deadlines. Set your editorial calendar to autopilot by combining an Airtable editorial calendar with purpose-designed Zaps that can trigger items such as updates to RSS items or the execution of content launch procedures. Keep track of your content across medium and message, and let Zapier action the heavy lifting that comes with getting it out to your audience.
  • Key business metric reports — Zapier’s able to feed data into Airtable from multiple sources, including leads from different advertising channels. Rather than investing your time into the hunt and management of data, use Zaps to feed accurate, to-the-minute data into your databases, ready when you need them.
  • Accounting — there’s no shortage of ways that Airtable and Zapier integrations can solve major and minor accounting headaches on a daily basis. To kick off, take a look at using an integration to reconcile your incoming transactions. Zaps can be set up to parse transactional emails for details like name, recipient and transaction value, identifying the match within your existing Airtable database and updating the status field. Need your accountant’s eyes across incoming transactions? Set up another Zap to trigger an email alert, and save hours in their schedule.



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