Zapier and Airtable Integrations: welcome to your new favourite combo.

It’s no secret around here that we’re big fans of both Zapier and Airtable. On their own, each of these apps are the kind of robust tools that can make a huge difference to many a daily workflow. Together, they’re even better.

By combining the strength of Airtable’s database and spreadsheet prowess and the ability for Zapier’s Zaps to do, well, whatever you ask them to, you’ve got everything you need to create a relational database with intuitive automation.

Airtable/Zapier integration superpowers include…

  • Customer communication — by connecting your Airtable databases with communication-oriented Zaps, you can automate the customisation of your outgoing customer communication. Need to keep customers up to date when their order leaves the warehouse? Tell Zapier to keep an eye on the order fulfilment field of your order database, and let it trigger an automated, customised fulfilment email when a new order is dispatched.

We’re still just scratching the surface of what’s capable when Zapier and Airtable are set up to play on the same team. If you’re yet to dive under the hood of this flavour combo, now’s the time to find some new automation magic.

Whenever you’re ready, there are some extra steps you can take to make your business an automated powerhouse:

1. Join the Automation Hackers community

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2. Get your free Automation Checkup

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3. Work with me and my team privately

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