10 x 2 minute tips to boot your Slack usage to the next level

Heard of Slack? Great. Using Slack? Even better. 👍

It’s no secret we’re big fans, lovers of the simple and intuitive team communication approach, as well as the many helpful integrations it’s ready to run with. Slack’s even useful if you’re a one-man team — it’s a workspace where you can organise by channels, set reminders, receive automated alerts across many different apps and services, and above all, simplify the process of getting work done. ⚙️

Slack’s a service that’s even more robust under the hood the deeper you dive. With that in mind, here’s ten 2-minute tips to help you get the most out of your Slack workspace, or make the leap into setting up your first.

#1. Use Slack on any browser, anywhere. You don’t need your own computer with the beautiful Slack app, or even your phone, in front of you to jump back into your workspace — it’s accessible via browser, so you can keep working no matter where you find yourself.

#2. Jump directly to the last unread message with keyboard shortcuts. If you’ve got a sea of threads and you’re looking to jump to where you last left off, use Option + Shift + ↓ (Mac) or Alt + Shift + ↓ (Windows) to get there immediately.

#3. Keywords are your best friends. Skip the scroll and get straight to the information you need with helpful keyword search functionality. The keyboard shortcuts come in handy once again — Command + F (Mac), Ctrl + F (Windows).

#4. Leave channels you don’t need to be a part of. Channel content is always there if you want to rejoin at a later date, but this can keep your workspace streamlined and on task. Leave any channel by typing /leave in the message box, or choosing to leave it under the channel settings menu.

#5. Embrace Do Not Disturb. This will snooze notifications for as long as you like. There’s two easy ways to do this: type /dnd [enter a duration] or click the bell icon next to your username and choose your snooze time frame. If a teammate messages you during your DND period, they’ll get an alert letting them know you’re snoozing — if it’s urgent, they have the option to send a notification anyway. Win/win.

#6. Let Slack manage your reminders. Simply type in /remind and you can set a reminder for yourself, your teammate, a channel about anything, along with a time frame for the reminder to be triggered.

#7. Pin key messages in channels. Always looking for the same message in a specific channel? Just pin it (under the ‘more actions’ menu when you hover over a message) and it’ll become a pinned item, easy to revisit as necessary.

#8. Thread your messages. Keep channels from getting clogged up with multiple conversations tripping over each other with threads. To discuss any message further, click the ‘start a thread’ icon in the message menu. This keeps conversations grouped and intuitively ordered.

#9. Change your status. Working towards a deadline, or offline because you’re unwell? Let your teammates know by changing your current status. Click your username in the top left of the workspace, and choose ‘set a status’ in the drop-down menu.

#10. Integrate Google Drive. Get notifications when files are added, altered, add comments, and even create new files from right within Slack with integrated Google Drive. Choose the Apps menu within your workspace and search for Google Drive to kick off the integration process (and to browse the many excellent integrations sitting there for when you’re ready).

Thanks to our Automation Hackers community for adding their tips to the list this week — if you’re not in there with us, you’re missing out.

Happy Slacking!

PS — Whenever you’re ready, there are some extra steps you can take to make your business an automated powerhouse:

1. Join the Automation Hackers community

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2. Get your free Automation Checkup

In a free call, I can show you what you can [and should] be automating in your business — Book Here.

3. Work with me and my team privately

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